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Watch: Ancient Amuletor’s New Hero and Maps are Pretty Darn Cool

The DLC for Ancient Amuletor isn’t quite ready for release yet, but to tide you over until its release on Tuesday (August 29th) we’ve got a few gameplay videos showing off the new hero in action.

In the video above you’ll see Viking Kane throwing his weapons around, but be warned, you’ll also hear this author’s mumbling over it, too. If you’re not into listening to other people talk (read: if you’re a moody teenager…) then feel free to hit the mute button and keep on watching. You’ll get the gist of it.

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Down below we’ve got a couple more videos that show off the new maps, so give them a watch if you’re interested to see what’s coming. The DLC will be free of charge for the first two weeks after it releases, and then it’ll cost money. Remember to nab the DLC while it’s free, otherwise you’ll have to pay a few quid for the extra goodies.

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