Watch Dark Souls 3’s Accursed Trailer Here

Bandai Namco have released a new trailer for From Software’s upcoming Dark Souls 3. It’s titled the ‘Accursed Trailer’ and you can watch it down below. The trailer contains a little dialogue in the background, but nothing that should spoil the story too much. It also shows off some of the game’s bosses, weapons and a bridge full of screaming, angry skeletons. As always we just want to give a shout out to the Dark Souls 3’s soundtrack, judging by the tune in the background of this trailer the score will be as on point as all of the previous title’s.

On a different Dark Souls 3 related note: some gamers have been switching their consoles region to Japan’s to get the game early. Bandai Namco have issued a statement warning against this because the international version of the game is not finished yet, which means the multiplayer won’t be active until April 12th (when the game officially launches outside of Japan). There will also be a day one patch to improve optimisation on the 12th of April, so in other words if you want the absolute best experience out of Dark Souls 3 you’re better off waiting until it launches in your region.

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The Accursed Trailer is down below, enjoy.


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