Watch Dogs 2 Aiming For Seamless and Dynamic Multiplayer With Bounty Hunter

Ubisoft is looking to do what few others games have accomplished. Seamless, dynamic, and frantic multiplayer. The first Watch Dogs gave gamers a taste of this with the Invasion mode. Other players would matchmake into your world (if you allowed it in your settings) and try hack your data. It was up to you to figure out who the real person was in the NPC crowd and either take them out or escape. Fans of that mode will be happy to know that it is returning for the sequel. However, there will be some changes. The hacking and data download will begin at the same time, aerial drones will make camping difficult, and said drones can utilize taser bombs.

The new mulitplayer mode introduced during Gamescom was Bounty Hunter. The only goal is to kill your target or escape your pursuer. They can occur through two different ways. The first is having a high enough chaos level where the police chase actually transitions into another person’s game. If that player decides to do so, they can hop in and join the cops on their hunt. The other way to trigger it is to do it manually thanks to the main character’s, Marcus Holloway’s, phone. These too¬†can be turned off at any time.

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Bounty Hunter will also allow a friend to join by your side. They can either help you go for the kill or protect you from attackers. All in your own game’s world. One example given was that one player focuses on driving and another focuses on counterattacking. Ergo a car chase like the action movies. Whatever way you choose to do it will net you followers if you succeed. These in turn allow you to upgrade hacking abilities and unlock new missions.

Watch Dogs 2 will have typical co-op for those looking to just chill with their bud. You can wander the world or participate in co-op specific missions that can be played repeatedly. The video below even features gameplay tidbits from the experiences described above. Watch Dogs 2 releases for the PlayStation 4 on November 15th and can be pre-ordered here.


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