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Watch Dogs 2 Demo Is a Long One and Now Available

Watch Dogs 2 was a pretty solid follow up to the original. It made our top ten games of 2016 and was even our lead editor’s game of the year. If that still wasn’t enough to convince you to purchase it, Ubisoft’s offering just might. Earlier on Twitter, the company announced that a three hour demo (yes you read that right) is now available on the PlayStation Store. There’s been no details on the restrictions of the free trial and it appears gamers will have access to the full game, albeit on a timer. So get to downloading and let us know how it fairs!

If you still haven’t checked it out, click here to read out Watch Dogs 2 review. We promise it won’t take three hours to read so it may be the more convenient option. Then again the game was fun to play. We suggest you do both and let us know what you think of the title down below!

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