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Watch Dogs 2 Gains Human Conditions DLC Next Week

Earlier this week, we told you about the massive patch for Watch Dogs 2 and how it was updating the world in preparation for the Human Conditions DLC. Coming February 21st, we will be able to experience what all of those gigabytes were making, and it sounds like there have been multiple locations added or revamped in anticipation of this new DLC.

Human Conditions will provide five additional hours of gameplay, starting with three new DedSec operations. The operations are set in the middle of the game, and you will need to have met some characters in order to access them. The team has listened to player feedback, so these missions will now have more checkpoints to make you say fewer naughty words when you fail.

There will also be two appearances. The first is Raymond “T-bone” Kenney. He will help the group find their purpose. With him helping, the new Jammer enemy will be the digital thorn in your side. When a Jammer is near, you will not be able to hack anything. In a game using hacking as a swiss army knife of solutions, he seems like an enemy to stop as soon as possible.

Finally, Elite Co-op missions will be added. These are different than the current co-op missions, because they will take place in bigger places with multiple objectives spread over different areas. You will be fighting the Hooks, another hacker group with criminal ties.

Experience the next front in the war against Big and Little Brother in Human Conditions DLC on PSN February 21st.

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