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Watch Dogs 2 Is Up For Pre-Order At GameStop

It looks like ever since Ubisoft officially announced what we all knew already – that Watch Dogs 2 was in development – GameStop have been getting ready to ship some launch day units. You can now pre-order Watch Dogs 2 over on their official website, although oddly enough it’s not available on their US site. We’ve included two screenshots down below which show the game on both their Irish and UK sites.

Sadly, GameStop do not offer much information on the game bar the price, which is €74.99 or £44.97 depending on your location. They don’t offer any cover art and if you click into the game the only thing the description mentions is that Ubisoft are developing it, so yeah that’s not exactly ground breaking stuff. The game is also only available to pre-order for the PS4 and Xbox One, but we fully expect that there will be a PC version although it might arrive a month or two after the console release.

The fact that GameStop will allow players to pre-order the game now indicates that we might be getting some more official information, such as a release date, prior to E3 2016. Otherwise we fully expect to see Watch Dogs 2 up and running in all its glory at this year’s E3 and we expect it to be sitting on our console’s hard drive by the end of the year.

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