Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass Info & Trailer Are Here

Ubisoft finally revealed the details of Watch Dogs 2’s season pass. There will be several hours of new missions, co-op challenges, vehicles, outfits, and skins. You can check out the specifics and trailer below. The season pass is included with the Gold Edition but will cost £29.99/$39.99 separately when the game launches on November 15th.

The first DLC drop is titled T-Bone Content Bundle. You’ll receive Raymond “T-Bone” Kenny’s truck and outfit for running about and Mayhem. Mayhem is a new co-op difficulty that will pit you and friends against new enemies with advanced weaponry. It is expected on December 13th for PlayStation 4 users.

The second DLC is Human Conditions which will release in Spring 2017. You’ll gain three new world missions that will last you several hours. In it Marcus will uncover San Fran’s biggest scandals regarding science, medicine, and their misuse. Additionally, there will be even more co-op missions and a new enemy type named Jammer. They have the ability “to hunt players down.”

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DLC number three is called No Compromise. It consists of a new world mission which sees players in the crosshairs of the Russian mafia. Plus, you guessed it, a new co-op mode called Showd0wn. The only description for it is “where the best players will survive.” It too is expected in Spring 2017.

Lastly, all gamers who acquire the season pass will gain the Psychedelic Pack and Root Access Bundle on day one. The former will grant you a new outfit, weapon, drone, and car skin all in the grooviest style. The latter has full sets of outfits, new cars, a drone skin, a new weapon, and access to the Zodiac Killer mission.

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