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Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.04 is Live on PS4, 216MB Download to Fix Small Issues

There’s a new update for Watch Dogs 2 on PS4 today with version 1.04 being pushed live by Ubisoft. The download is a relatively small 216MB so it’s not too taxing on your bandwidth or hard drive.

Unfortunately the update doesn’t enable the game’s seamless multiplayer, as stated by Ubisoft yesterday. The publisher put out a blog post yesterday to let players know that a new update is in the works, 1.04, but that it only fixes small issues, not the multiplayer. It’s a shame really, as the game has been out for a few days now and we’ve been looking forward to getting online and causing some mischief.

Hopefully Ubisoft will get the multiplayer portion of the game sorted sooner rather than later; it’s never a good show to have such things borked at launch.

We recently reviewed Watch Dogs 2 and found it to be a massive improvement over the original Watch Dogs, so if you’re still undecided on this hack-a-rific game, we suggest having a quick read of the review.

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