Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.05 Brings Seamless Multiplayer Online, Sort of

Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.05 Brings Seamless Multiplayer Online, Sort of

Watch Dogs 2 players will notice a new download ready to install for their game today as Ubisoft has released the latest update, version 1.05. The latest update is actually quite substantial in that it doesn’t just fix a few annoying bugs, it also brings the seamless online multiplayer to the game, something that has been missing since launch last week.

Ubisoft decided to keep the seamless multiplayer offline in order to get it working as it should, though it looks like the developers are well on their way to having it running at 100% functionality. Update 1.05 brings the ability to invite friends to co-op or look for other online co-op players. You can also hack into another player’s game and cause some mischief, or you can take part in the Bounty Hunts. All of the multiplayer modes that have been released so far are accessible via the in-game mobile phone’s multiplayer app.

It’s not quite the complete package just yet, though Ubisoft has stated that if the current batch of multiplayer words well, the rest of the seamless multiplayer will be implemented shortly. Let’s hope nothing goes balls up, then…



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