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Watch Dogs 3 Possibly Releasing Later This Year on PS4, Not PS5

We all know that Watch Dogs 3 is coming, it’s just a matter of when, not if. A recent trademark filing by Ubisoft for Watch Dogs 3 seems to confirm its existence, but contrary to other reports, there’s no indication that it will be for the PS5 and Microsoft’s next-gen machine.

The trademark filing has only just been made public, despite having been registered in November 2018. The trademark filing itself is nothing spectacular and it doesn’t give us any clues about the game’s features or setting, just that it’s called Watch Dogs 3.

It’s entirely possible that Watch Dogs 3 will release later this year. Ubisoft has no plans for another Assassin’s Creed this year, aside from Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered in March. We’re also getting a new Far Cry game this month with Far Cry New Dawn and The Division 2 in March. This leaves the back-end of 2019 empty and it’s my guess that Ubisoft will fill it with Watch Dogs 3; no major publisher would willingly go into the holiday season without having a big AAA game releasing.

At the moment Watch Dogs 3 has not been officially announced or confirmed or even mentioned. However, that could change soon. Ubisoft will hold its quarterly investors relations call next week where the publisher will talk about its projected profits for this year. I fully expect Ubisoft to say something about Watch Dogs 3 during this call, and then once that information has been made public by the likes of Pure PlayStation, Ubisoft will make an announcement with a teaser trailer and a promise of more information at this year’s E3. No, you can’t use my crystal ball to see the lottery numbers.

Watch Dogs originally launched as a cross-gen title earlier in this generation where it received decent enough reviews. Watch Dogs 2, however, was a complete shakeup of a sequel. I personally really enjoyed the digital recreation of San Francisco and the light-hearted direction the series took with Marcus’ story. Rumour has it that Watch Dogs 3 will employ London as its setting, though there’s no substantial proof or confirmation. Still, it’d be great to send a drone into 10 Downing Street and hack the Prime Minister’s alarm clocks. Fingers crossed…

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