Watch Dogs Legion Free Trial Planned For This Weekend, PS4 and PS5

Watch Dogs Legion failed to convince even then most loyal of London lovers that it was a worthy replacement during lockdown, which may explain its upcoming free trial. However, if you do happen to enjoy your trip to the British Capital – albeit under the guise of a techie-wizz-hacker – you will be glad to hear that the game will also be going cheap the following week. Surely that makes it worth a go, at least?

Watch Dogs Legion was a bit of a lacklustre entry for the franchise after the enjoyment that could be found in the second. Some may even say it was a return to the form of the original (or, more critically, a step back again from that). But Ubisoft is not one to give – especially when there are still pennies to be made – hence the company offering the game as a free trial this weekend.

And anyone that actually enjoys themselves can also save a few pounds next week.

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The trial will run between March 25th and March 29th, with half of the game’s world available for your exploration (right up until the mission I’ll dub ‘the Skye Larson’ one). Plus, you will also be able to play online with all the bells and whistles – a feature that has been newly added in a recent update. However, let’s not forget all this is done in the hope that you will buy the game at a discount .

That’s because Watch Dogs Legion will be on sale between March 24th and March 31st over on the PlayStation Store (other retailers may be honouring the discount, too). And even though I’m not privy to the discount (even if 67% is being banded around), it should be quite generous given the trouble Ubisoft are going to here. All your progress will carry over so there’s no wasted time there. Plus, pre-loads are available from March 24th – again gifting you the maximum play time possible. What’s not to like?

Source: Twitter

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