Watch Dogs Legion Goes Online With a 10 GB Update

Watch Dogs Legion has divided opinion amongst gamers. But Ubisoft will be hoping to put things right with their new online feature. The mode is available now – for free – once you’ve updated the base game. However, will it be enough to silence the critics?

Watch Dogs Legion has received an expansion of sorts today with an all new online mode. The feature launched after a 10 GB update dropped yesterday (2.3 GB for the PlayStation 5 version) and promises to bring a whole roster of co-op missions with it for your enjoyment. But after the game failed to live up to the bar set by the second instalment of the franchise, will this be enough to convince gamers it’s still worth their time?

From the comments I’ve read on Reddit, there’s a chance it won’t be.

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The patch didn’t just lay the foundations for Watch Dogs Legion’s online world, though. It featured a number of bug fixes, too. Something that should come as a relief to many who are still navigating London’s streets, with all its Black Cabs and glitches. However, there was at least one thing missing from this latest update.

That omission is the previously promised Tactical Op, which has been left out due to an unexpected bug rearing its head at the last minute. Unfortunate, I’m sure you’ll agree. But with the co-op missions and Spider-Bot Arena, maybe we’ll be distracted enough in the meantime not to notice? Who knows. At least, further updates have been promised, so we should see it soon enough.

Source: Ubisoft

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