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Watch: First 15 Minutes of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 PS4 Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 for PS4 doesn’t come out until January 24th, yet here we are with some fresh gameplay to give fans of the game a glimpse at what it looks like running on Sony’s PS4. Not bad, eh?

We didn’t get an early review copy from Square Enix so we’re not under any obligation to stick any embargoes of sorts. They’re dreadful things and we’re always happy when we can get a step ahead and give our readers a little treat. As such, expect a few articles on Kingdom Hearts 2.8 over the next week or two before our review goes live before the game’s release.

The gameplay clip is up above, so give it a watch and enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get our videos beamed straight to you. Or whatever notification system YouTube works with. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter, so give us a thumb icon and a blue bird on them things. That’s the right jargon, yeah?

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