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Watch Fury Get a Little Hot Under the Collar in Darksiders III

With Darksiders III finally announced (for real this time), we can finally see more of the new game’s protagonist. True to her name, Fury will be one hot lady. The latest trailer shows her using the Flame Hollow. Don’t try this at home, kids, but she ignites herself. She gains two fiery flails as weapons, the ability to move through fire and lava, jump higher, and not having to worry about matches when she goes camping.

As a mage, Fury changes her body throughout the game. This gives her new weapons and abilities as she hunts down the Seven Deadly Sins for The Charred Council. She will hunt them across a truly post-apocalyptic Earth to restore balance to the forces of good and evil. I’m prejudiced, but no humans firmly puts that balance on the evil side.

After a long break and some questions as to whether we would ever see it, Darksiders III is coming to the PS4 on November 27th. We definitely look forward to another trip through the Darksiders universe, and Fury seems ready to take on any of the supernatural nasties who get in her way.

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