Watch: How Does DriveClub VR Handle With DualShock 4 Motion Controls? Not Bad, Actually

A little earlier today we posted our review of DriveClub VR, and apart from the vomit inducing motion sickness that first enveloped this wordsmith, it wasn’t a bad showing.

Plenty of people play DriveClub with a steering wheel of sorts, and we imagine it really adds to the immersion offered by PlayStation VR, but perhaps you’ve not really got much disposable cash left over after forking out for the pricey headset and a few games. What should you do? Take it on with regular DualShock 4 controls? Save up for a decent racing wheel? Steal one from your under the neighbour’s Christmas tree this December? No, you needn’t do any of the above.

In fact, your DualShock 4 controller can double up quite nicely as a makeshift steering wheel. It might not be that obvious, but if you go into DriveClub VR’s settings and then go into the controls menu, you can actually change the steering controls from the stick to the d-pad, or better yet, the motion sensor.

It’s obviously not quite as comfortable as a proper steering wheel but it’s still pretty whack to move your hands left and right in the real world and see those movements translated to the creepy floating hands in-game. If you’re worried that the motion controls aren’t up to scratch (they were a little bit temperamental in OG DriveClub) then we suggest having a peek at the video embedded up above. The entire gameplay clip was played using the motion sensor function of the DualShock 4. It’s pretty sweet, so give it a go if you’re not ready to stump up a hundred quid on a fake driving wheel.

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