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Watch Persona 5 Sizzle in Newest Trailer

Persona 5 is now (barely) less than a month from release, and Atlus has dropped a new trailer with more of the beautiful animation and actual game footage set against an uptempo rock song that we hope is pulled directly from the soundtrack. Feast your eyes on the next game to give you a huge reason to ignore your family, even though another small game will be launching just a little bit sooner.

The game shows time in class, fighting in a dungeon, and dialogue between characters. There is also another view of the boss enemy human fly that reminds us of Baxter Stockman from classic TMNT. We cannot wait to see his hidden desire, but we can guess it is something sugary.

We also have another trailer of Justine and Caroline from the Velvet Room. They are the jailers for the protagonist and have wildly different personalities. Caroline is angry and emotional, and Justine seems dispassionate and logical. This trailer was released in Japanese last year, but this is the first time we have seen it in English.

Persona 5 is set for release on April 4th. Since the Persona team is moving to a fantasy RPG next, we are really looking forward to seeing what the last game (hopefully not forever) will do to surprise us.

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