Watch Prey’s Typhon in Deadly Action

A new video for Bethesda’s Prey shows a simulated research report on the creatures known as Typhon. These tentacled nightmares have killed the rest of the crew on Talos I, and they aim to make you part of the statistic.

The first enemy shown is the mimic, and, as if no on learned from the movie with Mira Sorvino of the same name, these little black spiders from hell will change to become something in the environment. The video shows one of them becoming an office chair, so that it can wait to ambush the player. This should lead to some tense moments of paranoia while you move through the station.

The phantom is the next enemy shown, and it is a combination of a Typhon and a human corpse. It uses a limb attack for up close extinction, which reminds us a little of the necromorphs from Dead Space. In case you thought keeping your distance was safe, it can also launch an explosive energy projectile.

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The telepath is the last Typhon, and it is listed as one of the more dangerous. It can control lesser creatures, and it also appears to be able to initiate a powerful psychic blast.

Even though the video only features three types, we can expect even more Typhon variations to stalk and kill you when Prey hits shelves on May 5th.

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