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Watch September’s State of Play Right Here (Batman is Coming!)

Okay, I’m excited. It’s rare for me to get excited, but I’ll let it happen tonight. Why? Because we’re finally going to get our first look at a new Batman game since Arkham Knight released yonks ago. It’s an event worthy of excitement.

Tonight’s State of Play livestream is due to start at 9PM BST / 10PM CET / 1PM PT / 4PM ET. So about half an hour after this article has gone live.

If you’re looking for a place to watch the State of Play livestream, why not hunker down with us lot so we can get excited together. You’ll have to bring your own booze, mind, but that’s standard with internet-based get togethers. Maybe one day someone will invent a way to share booze with the web…

If you’re looking to kill a bit of time before the show starts, check out our What to Expect From Today’s State of Play article. It’s not a long read but it’ll keep you busy long enough to stop the twitching.

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