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Watch Some Robot Destroying Gameplay in Generation Zero

A new gameplay trailer for Generation Zero dropped on YouTube today. It gives a good explanation of the game and your place in a rapidly deteriorating Sweden. In 1989, you and your friends come home from some vacation time on an island to find that killer robots are everywhere.

You start by creating your hero of this new machine age. The trailer shows you can customize your survivor’s appearance, but, with a first person view in the game, only others will truly be able to appreciate it.

Scavenging is key to your survival. You will need to search everywhere for new weapons and items to keep you in the fight. If you manage to take down a machine, you can add any undamaged parts to your collection. You can use them to customize weapons and give yourself an advantage, such as a night vision scope.

Built by open world pros Avalanche Studios, the world has a day and night cycle as well as different weather conditions. Your new scope might be the difference between sneaking up on a machine or being caught off guard. The trailer promises the differences will impact the machines and humans alike.

Whether you roam the world solo or with friends, there is history. There are hidden clues as to how the machines became a threat. Although it is not critical to the gameplay, you can explore the open world and find the story.

The machines also have history. Specific parts can be damaged by your gunfire or environmental hazards. If you damage one and run away, it will continue to exist in this state. You could run into it days from the initial encounter, and it will be exactly the same in this persistent world.

Clocking in around three minutes, the gameplay trailer gives you a lot of insight into how Generation Zero will play. For a release date, only the large window of 2019 has been confirmed.

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