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Watch Some Sniper Elite 4 Footage Right Here – New Details Revealed

Sniper Elite 4 was announce just a short while ago and it’s more than likely coming out this year. Saying that we couldn’t be more excited would be an understatement. We’re really looking forward to seeing what developers Rebellion bring to the table this time around. We already knew that the fourth game would feature bigger maps and that it would be exclusive to PS4, Xbox One and PC, no last-gen offering this time around. However, we now have a ton of new information thanks to pre-alpha footage that was recorded by Eurogamer, so thank you Eurogamer!

The footage is down below, but let’s run through a few new features first. As we mentioned the maps will be bigger this time around, in fact the map in the video will be the smallest in Sniper Elite 4 yet it’s three times bigger than the biggest map in Sniper Elite 3. The new game will also be a little more vertical this time around as the main character gains the ability to scale buildings to get the drop on or escape from enemies. Players will also be able to booby-trap dead bodies, zero their rifle’s scope, read a brief biography on each enemy soldier and take advantage of the brand new shrapnel kills from the x-ray cam.

The footage is down below, bare in mind it is pre-alpha footage so if you see anything acting funny that’s probably why. Enjoy the gameplay.

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