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Watch Sundered’s New Resist Trailer Ahead of Closed Beta

It’s been a little while now since we saw the Embrace trailer for Thunder Lotus Games’ upcoming rogue-lite adventure, Sundered. Now, ahead of the game’s closed beta, we get our hands on the Resist trailer. It’s worth checking out too, as it gives us a first glimpse of the game’s narrative, the as yet unseen first gameplay region, and the first boss. Luckily, we’ve managed to resist the demonic influence just long enough to embed it for you above.  

Those 4,600 souls who backed Sundered’s highly successful Kickstarter campaign are counting the hours right now, as later on today they’ll receive their closed beta invites and get their first chance to go hands on with the game. The new trailer celebrates the closed beta in style, showing off the region players will be exploring and the epic boss fight against Xea’sh’kaebt, (say that ten times fast) a corrupt priest of the Eschaton. As well as seeing the Eschaton, we also get narration from one Genereal Waters of the game’s other faction, the Valkyries.

President and Creative Director of Thunder Lotus Games, Will Dubé, had high praise for his team in a prepared statement about the beta event, saying,

“The Resist Trailer puts Sundered’s best foot forward. The new region we’re revealing features some of the best work our team has ever produced, and I’m excited that so many of our fans will get to experience it in the Beta.”

For those unfamiliar with Sundered, the game takes the beautiful hand drawn animation style that Thunder Lotus became known for with their debut game Jotun and applies it to a totally different genre, both of gameplay and of fiction. Sundered takes the perspective side-on for an action-horror tale that takes us platforming through mysterious cultists, gods and demonic powers. Levels utilise both fixed points and procedurally generated sections to hopefully create an experience with a logical progression that still provides heaps of variety.

We’ll have more on Sundered as soon as it’s available. While the exact release date has not been set, the game is due to release for PS4 and PC sometime in July. Give us your thoughts on Thunder Lotus’ new hand-drawn epic down in the comments!  

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