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Watch the Famous Ship Sink in Titanic VR

Have you ever wanted to see many innocent people die horribly in front of you? Ok, we’re sure it won’t be that bad but a Kickstarter has sprung up and it brings the sinking of the Titanic to virtual reality. You’ll be able to witness key events through the eyes of survivors with historical accuracy. The team behind the project want gamers to feel deep emotions but assure us the tragic event’s recreation will be respectful. There will also be an exploration mode where you take control of a submersible and explore the wreck’s aftermath. It’s here that the VR motion controllers can be used to manipulate the craft to complete missions or just take in the sights.

A few stretch goals consist of an online, competitive treasure hunt game and a real-time journey of the Titanic sinking. Yes, that’s a full two hours and forty minutes. The hope is that Titanic VR will release sometime in Q4 of 2017 for the PlayStation VR and other devices. If you don’t have one of these peripherals, the game will be perfectly playable outside of the headsets. Check out the full Kickstarter page to see the pledge rewards and some other technical know-how. If you contribute let us know why you decided to do so!


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