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Watch the First 15 Minutes of Control’s AWE Expansion and Catch an Alan Wake Sighting

The teaser trailer of Control’s AWE expansion was successful in that it only made me want to see more. If that’s you too, I have good news. The first 15 minutes of the expansion were unveiled on Twitch today. If you are sensitive to spoilers, some of them have been edited out, but it gives you a good feel for what to expect in the new content.

The story and expansion is going to be more suspenseful and darker than The Foundation. It’s Remedy’s first step to combining game universes, and the stream today reveals that Alan Wake and Control take place in the same universe. Jesse receives a cryptic message asking her to come to the Investigations Sector of the Oldest House. It’s a place where AWEs (Altered World Events) were studied before being sealed.

The crossover with Alan Wake is present from the beginning. There are little hints in some of the collectibles, but Alan Wake’s voice and world leak through to Jesse. He’s writing again, and his words impact her reality. Part of her job will be to investigate the AWEs including one that happened in Bright Falls. After Alan Wake was trapped in the dark place, what happened to him? Beyond the Hiss, what dark forces are present in the Oldest House?

The AWE expansion will pack 4-5 hours of gameplay and a few other extras. The new Hiss Airborne Ranger is shown off in the game, and it’s a powerful flying enemy. The new Surge service weapon can launch up to three sticky grenades that explode and show off the game’s physics engine with a shower of sparks and a huge impact on anything nearby. The arcade machine is an altered item that will let you replay four boss fights and the ashtray maze, play a new horde mode, and earn the orange outfit Jesse wears in the preview on Twitch. If you want to jump into AWE to experience all the new content, you don’t need to finish The Foundation first.

Along with the paid AWE content, there is a free August update. It changes the Launch ability to enable you to pick up and throw three different items. It adds additional Control points and checkpoints to the game. In the biggest change, it adds an Assist Mode that allows you to toggle difficulty settings such as how fast Jesse’s energy and service weapon recharge and how much damage Jesse can take or dish out to ensure that anyone can play and finish Control. It’s a nice thing for people who like a game, but don’t ascribe to the “get gud” train of thought or who just don’t have as much time to play.

As a special announcement at the end, an art book for the game will be released this holiday. Named “The Art & Making of Control”, it will display some of the art from the game and talk about the world. At almost 400 pages, it’s a big boy and will run you $59.99, £49.99, €59.99. I have added some screenshots at the bottom, but you can check out the book here.

If you still want more info about the AWE expansion, you can catch an AMA on Steam with the game’s director on August 18th. If you want to play AWE, it will release in two weeks on August 27th.

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