Watch The Making Of Uncharted 4 Part 3 Here

The Making of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Part 3 has just been released and you can watch it down below, this entries sub-title is ‘Pushing Technical Boundaries’ and one things for sure: this is the best entry in the series so far. If you missed last week’s entry you’ll find it here. As the title implies Part 3 is dealing with the technical boundaries that have been expanded for Uncharted 4 thanks to the power of the PS4, but it also discusses some of the difficulties the new technology made Naughty Dog face. For example, the new technology allowed them to make explorable areas that are ten times the size of any in the previous games, which is really cool but it also lead to issues. Two of the biggest problems the bigger areas made the team face were: firstly they had to make sure that no matter which path players decided to go down it was interesting and secondly they had to apply an insane level of detail to a vast play-area to make it believable. We can’t wait to see how the more open play-areas pan out in the finished game, but for those who are worried don’t be the game is still linear – there’s just more options to get from A to B now. A few other topics are discussed in the video, including motion capture. The video is down below. Enjoy.

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