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Watch The Making Of Uncharted 4 Right Here

Naughty Dog have just released the first part in a video series on the making of Uncharted 4. The first video in the series is all about the evolution of the franchise. It shows clips from the first three Uncharted games as the developers and actors discuss what they’ve learned from working on the older games and how that experience is feeding into Uncharted 4. One of the most interesting parts of the video is when they discus how working on The Last of Us has influenced  Uncharted 4, the developers really feel like they’ve struck an almost perfect balance this time around between the over the top set pieces from the previous Uncharted games and the more intimate character driven moments from The Last of Us. The small optional in-game interactions from The Last of Us are also making it into Uncharted 4, the video shows Nathan taking to a lemur… Sully is not ‘goddamn’ impressed. You can check out the eight minute video for yourself down below.

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