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Watch Three New Gameplay Trailers For Resident Evil 7

After the crushing disappointment of Silent Hills’ cancellation, Resident Evil 7 has been a breath of fresh, survival horror air. Capcom appears to be taking the series back to a slower, less shooty version of itself, and the demos have been very interesting. However, we are still not sure what to expect.

This may not answer all your questions, but we have three new gameplay videos. They show the character moving through the house and being hit by some really dangerous hillbillies. Beyond the backwoods butchers, we also see some deformed creatures attacking the player that just might be zombies. (The classics are classics for a reason.) Insects are a threat, as a cackling hag sends them to attack you. There are weird symbols, a moving cocoon, and a dead crow attached to a bedroom door. That must have come from the decorative beyond of Bed Bath & Beyond.

The game looks amazing, and the excellent use of light and dark in the environment adds a very creepy feel to the rooms. There is a disturbing amount of quiet in the game that will hopefully fill us with delightful dread. It really is a departure from the last two releases in this series, and we cannot wait to play the game when it releases January 24th.

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