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Watch Us Smash Heads in GORN on PSVR

GORN is finally releasing on PSVR later this month – May 19th, to be exact – but before the game releases and before we put out our review, we’ve got a couple of quick gameplay videos for you.

In the video up above, you can watch me smash some cartoony heads in GORN on PSVR. All the footage was captured on a first-gen PSVR headset using a PS4 Pro console.

My early impressions are that GORN is a fun game with nice graphics and a workable control scheme, though I’m still getting used to it. I’m sure GORN will no doubt keep me entertained while I play through it for our review. It’s fun, it’s silly, and that’s the perfect combination for a charming PSVR brawler. Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our video content.

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