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We Think Physical Copies of Spyro Reignited Trilogy Are Now Download Free

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy was a highly anticipated release. Or at least it was until we found out the disc was missing two out of the three games, and then it just lost its Sparx. But you might be able to buy the physical game now with everything included on the disc. Which in turn would mean no download and no waiting to play.

Think I’ve lost my marbles? Read on.

News is circulating online that the most recent printing run of discs installs with version 1.03 and a file size 36.23 GB. Also, on manually checking for an update, gamers are told they have the latest version already.

Now if this is true – and it’s a big if as there is no news officially, yet – it means that any copy with a 2019 copyright date doesn’t require an additional download. The question is, is there an easier way to tell the two versions apart?

That’s because the launch edition had the disclaimer that a download was required on its front cover, just so there was no confusion. Or reason for a refund. The logical thing would therefore be for the newer versions to lose this warning, though at the time of writing, this isn’t proven either way. You should therefore go looking for the most recent copyright, instead.

We’ll try to clarify this change of tact by Activision with an official confirmation, because it does sound a little too good to be true. But in the meantime, be careful not to waste your money on an old, download hungry copy.

Source: Reddit

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