Weeping Doll Arrives to PSVR Just in Time for Halloween, Creepy Launch Trailer Released

Weeping Doll Arrives to PSVR Just in Time for Halloween, Creepy Launch Trailer Released

Dolls. For some reason they’ve always been associated with creepiness and distrust. Is it their glazed eyes or weird dynamic of colors? Who knows. A lot of people just hate them. Regardless, if you’re looking for another festive scare in your PS VR, the PlayStation Store has quite the title for you right this instant. Weeping Doll is a story-driven physiological mystery where dolls come to life. How you ask? Well they simple come alive thanks to the negative thoughts of their child owners. Gamers must solve puzzles in these eerie surroundings as one such tortured doll takes revenge on her owner’s parents. If that wasn’t enough you control a maid inside a Japanese family’s Victorian-style house.

Weeping Doll arrives just in time for Halloween to bring a spooky psychological adventure to PlayStation VR gamers looking for a touch of the macabre,” said Alen Wu, business director at Oasis Games. “Step into a mansion filled with hidden tragedies and discover a story that unfolds as you solve its ghostly secrets.”

Weeping Doll is available right now on the Store except for in Asia. It will come to that region on November 2nd. The title will cost you £7.99 but will have a 20% discount starting today and lasting until November 3rd. You can check out the creepy atmosphere in the trailer below.

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