Weird: Spider-Man: Miles Morales Has a Secret Chiptune Most Players Will Never Hear

This is a weird one, and it has come about completely unintentionally. To be honest, the entire thing is probably unintentional (chime in whenever, Insomniac!) but it’s awesome enough that I thought I’d share it with you all. Because sharing is caring, and I’m in a good mood today.

First, the backstory. Or, the origin story to keep things superhero-y. I had a silly idea to make a video in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales where I’d have Miles run from one end of the city to the other. You know, the kind of stuff most people do on a Friday night… I swear, before The Rona, I had something of a social life.

I did my video, I moved it over to my hard drive, slapped it on the desktop, and then put the file inside my favourite (free) video editor. The idea was to have normal footage for a few seconds, then sped up footage, then alternate between normal and super-fast video. Because if making YouTube videos has taught me anything, it’s that roughly 57% of our viewers don’t make it to the end. You gotta feed them everything super fast and early or they’ll drop off.

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Playing the video back, I noticed the weirdest thing; it sounded awesome. Like, proper awesome. The audio had all melted together at x8 speed to produce a lovely chiptune that wouldn’t be out of place on a cartridge-based console; the soundtrack to a chubby plumber’s final battle. Have a listen to the video up above and hear it for yourself.

Weird, no? Lesson learned? Speed up ALL games by a minimum of x8 to reveal their secrets. Or wait for some other Friday night loser like myself to do it for you…

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