Welcome Garden And Patch 2.06 Bring New Assets To Dreams

Dreams has been making quite a lot of headlines since its launch. Scratch that, since its beta stage. But today’s news is more about added content than consumer creations. That’s because Patch 2.06 has been announced for the Little Big Planet-esque game, and it brings with it an array of new additions in the form of its ‘Welcome Garden’ assets pack. Items that may prove to be the missing piece in your masterpieces.

Hey, they could even prove the inspiration for your run away hit. Just like the goat that got its own simulator…

In line with the previously introduced Welcome Home package, Welcome Garden is designed to complement the selection that’s already available. It will be comprised of 40 sculptures – all brand new assets – and are available to use in both your crafted levels and home area. However, that isn’t all that is included.

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The UI has also been improved, no doubt as a result of community suggestions, ensuring that active players are now displayed as such through the implementation of a green ‘online’ dot. And the Community Jam has been altered within the 104 mb patch. But you can read all about it, in full, over on the official site.

At least there aren’t any hoops to jump through (or levels to finish) for you to enjoy this reward. But we’d lock the update behind a gruelling community stage, just for fun. The game, if you could call it that (devilish restriction would be the other) could be filled with the new assets, inspiring future developers over how they could be utilised in their designs. And would add an objective to what is a rather unscripted and free game. 

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