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We here at Pure PlayStation pride ourselves on being a little bit different. Go to any number of other gaming sites and you’ll find regurgitated press releases – sometimes not even re-worded, just copied and pasted – and you’ll find zero personality. We’re not like that. We’re lovely.

At the moment we’re a small, small team of writers working around the clock to keep the site updated with the latest PlayStation news for all the PlayStation fans. However, we need a bit of extra help. News, reviews, features, videos, and everything else just takes up so much time.

If you’re interested in writing reviews and/or news, then we want to hear from you! We should make sure that a few things are clear first: there’s no pay. Or at least not yet. We’re still growing and nobody on the team takes any salary, but there are incentives that we’re still working out. You’ll gain valuable experience in writing and you’ll even score some free games to review.

We’re looking to take on just two extra people at the moment, so if you want to be considered please send an email to chris.harding@pureplaystation.com. Everyone will get a reply, even if it’s an unfortunate no. It’s just common courtesy, isn’t it?

Pure PlayStation is a part of the Pure Games Media group. This site is not affiliated with or sponsored by Sony.

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