Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Update 1.03 Improves Stability

Developer Cyanide Studios has released a new update for its recently released Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood for PS4 and PS5. This is the third update for the game and it builds upon the previous updates by adding more stability to the hack-n-slasher.

The latest patch notes, and all previous updates, are listed below.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Update 1.03 Patch Notes

  • This patch improves stability

Version 1.02 Patch Notes

  • Improved stability
  • Fixed credits displayed as empty when skipping previous cinematic
  • Yfen now correctly reset the player’s skill point
  • Moved several checkpoints on the first mission
  • Various animation fixes

Version 1.01 Patch Notes

  • Various improvements
  • Improved environment lighting
  • Improved stability
  • Improved spiritual link effect
  • Added bark visual feedback
  • Improved voicings and SFX
  • Fixed some cinematic audio
  • Fixed loading screen glitches
  • Fixed out of world cases
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We’re still working our way through Cahal’s monstrous adventure and our review will be coming soon, so be sure to come and have a look at what we think of the game over the weekend.

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