What If Updates Could Be Pre-loaded For Physical Games?

Last week ended with another big release. But with every great game comes a very great update. And lo and behold, Call of Duty Modern Warfare required a 56GB Day One Patch. Now if you’re lucky enough to have super duper internet speeds, you’ll hardly notice this inconvenience. But for some of us this means a day of lost gaming.

However, it needn’t be this way. In fact, a Reddit user believes they’ve solved this age old problem. And I must admit, it could work. But let’s see if you agree.

Their argument starts with the fact that digital pre-orders can now be pre-loaded a few days in advance – Day One Patch and all. But for those of us who still have an addiction to little blue cases, this isn’t possible until the game has been installed. It makes sense. After all, without a game there’s nothing to update. But it delays our start time even further, despite us already twiddling our thumbs waiting for the postman or shopkeeper.

They argue that if the updates could be downloaded prematurely, in anticipation of us buying and installing the game, it would mean we’d start playing just a few hours later than our digital brethren. But the technicalities are not so straightforward.

For starters, it would require Sony to make the physical market a little more attractive – costing themselves in both sales and resales. Then the updates would need to be configured to download but not install – at least until the disc is recognised. And an additional page would have to be fashioned, allowing gamers to search for updates to games they don’t have installed on their machines.

But none of that sounds like rocket science to me – just console science. And I think they could do it if they wanted to. Notice I stress the ‘wanted to’.

Do you think it’s a good idea? Or do you think us cave dwellers should stop whining about our internet speeds and just suck it up? It’s only going to get worse with the PS5, after all. 

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