What the Dub?! is a Bonkers Multiplayer Movie Game Where You Write the Lines, Coming to PS5, PS4 April 8th

Wide Right Interactive, best known for its outlandish debut shoot-em-up, Freedom Finger, is back with another unique game, and this time it’s taking on the movie industry with What the Dub?!

It might seem like a strange time to be releasing a party game, but with modern technology, we’re always able to play, and one game that should make for some interesting game nights is Wide Right Interactive’s upcoming What the Dub?! – a unique multiplayer game where you write the lines to rubbish movies and compete against your mates to be crowned the top dubber.

Players will all watch clips from cringe-worthy B-movies of decades gone by, outdated public service announcements, and more, and then write their own dialogue for select parts of the clip. The fun part here is that whatever you write, the game will speak for you using the magic of text-to-speech technology.

Then the dubs are stacked against one another and the players – up to 6 – and the audience – again up to 6 – vote for their favourite dub The one with the most votes wins and a future career on YouTube is born. Maybe… But probably not.

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This seems like the perfect game to play with that one annoying friend who is always making silly comments during a movie. If you can’t think of that particular friend, it’s you. And that’s OK. I’m that guy, too…

To really understand the concept, you need to see it in action. Thankfully, Wide Right Interactive has put together a fun trailer.

What The Dub?! :

● Casual party game fun for up to 12 players, with 6 entering their dubs, and an additional 6 audience members voting on their favourites.

● Over 300 hand-selected clips to ensure hours of unique movie dubbing fun for players wisecrack, quip and insult the night away!

● Easy access and connectivity with friends and family as players can interact with the game using any device which can access a browser – phones, tablets, or computers.

● Players will be able to hear their witty creations live! Replacement dubs are played back embedded in the clips using text-to-speech.

● Original score by Emmy nominated composer Jonathan Hylander. (Nominated for a Daytime Emmy and Annie Award for his work on Sanjay and Craig.)

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