What’s In A Name With Scarlet Nexus Dev Diary 1

Scarlet Nexus is Bandai Namco’s next big action RPG, and today’s video spends a brief time talking about the significance of the name. The first explanation feels more literal by saying it’s a “red connection” you make by borrowing powers from other players in the game. Red tubes are stabbed into your character’s back to represent this on screen.

The other idea is more symbolic with “red bonds.” The team wanted to represent “kizuna” or the bonds between the main character and the buddies you make in the game. This extends beyond just the title, but it’s big enough that it’s another way to interpret the meaning of the title.

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With flashy trailers, it’s easy to not see the name as a critical part of what the developer is trying to accomplish in the game and communicate to the player. Scarlet Nexus certainly has its share of flashy trailers, but it doesn’t yet have a release date. We know that it’s coming to both the PS4 and PS5. With dev diaries starting to be released, we may know that critical info soon.

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