White PS4 Slim is Coming January 24th, and it Looks Proper Sexy

[Update] Sneaky Sony went and released that RRP behind our backs, the ‘Glacier White’ PS4 Slim will be available for around £259/€299 with a 500GB HDD. The press release from Sony Interactive Entertainment also suggests that Japan will get a 1TB HDD option but curiously makes no mention of this model in the European pricing. The original article continues below.

We’re not sure what it is about a white console, all we do know is that we ditch our dark ones the moment a snowy model becomes available. And, judging by the reactions online, so do many others.

It’s bad news for the original PS4 Slim model, then, as Sony has announced that the Glacier White PS4 Slim console will be releasing on January 24th. For the moment it looks to only be in the UK and Europe, though we imagine our North American readers will be able to pick one up in due course.

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The new edition of the PS4 Slim, which replaced the regular PS4 as the standard console, also comes packed with a matching glacier white DualShock 4. Neato! At the time of writing, there’s no word on an official price being set by the platform holder and it mentions in the PS Blog post that buyers should refer to their local retailers for pricing and availability.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a regular PS4 Slim to ditch in the river.

Will you be trading out your old console in favour of the new colour, or are you not all that bothered by looks? Pledge your allegiance to the dark/light side of the PS4-orce down below.

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