Who Says You Can’t Make Realistic Graphics in Dreams?

I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who looked at Media Molecule’s Dreams and thought it was a nice idea but not much else. I’ve since mucked around with a few player creations and still find myself thinking the game is a nice idea, but there’s not much else too it. I look at what players are making and I long for more realistic-looking graphics. It’s what I’ve been trained to equate quality with, we all have.

In my hours browsing Dreams’ player creations, I’ve not come across anything truly mind-blowing or what I would consider realistic. It’s only thanks to Twitter that I’ve seen the light, and the light looks promising.

Twitter user Iamnotanumber12 has posted a short clip to Twitter of a Dreams creation. Big deal, you say. We’ve seen hundreds already, you say. But not like this, because for a moment I thought somebody was taking the piss by videoing themselves and then sticking the ‘Made in Dreams’ logo on top of the video. Check it out below:

It’s good, right? But will it ever become more than just a fancy demonstration of the user’s skills? That’s another piece for later on, but I’m excited to see what else talented bedroom developers can come up with in Dreams. Me? I can’t even wrap my head around the tutorial, so fair play to anyone who has created anything in Dreams. If you want to see more of Iamnotanumber12’s work, check out his Twitter feed for an interesting insight into what it takes to create in dreams.

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