Why is PS5 So Big? To Save Money, According to Sony’s Otori

The PS5 is a massive beast of a console, there are two ways about it. The next-gen machines, excluding the relatively tiny Xbox Series S, are huge machines that will take up a lot of space in the television area of the home. Some people may even need to buy a new entertainment centre, others will just make do by squashing the console in an existing space.

The question is, then, why is the PS5 so big?

Yasuhiro Otori, the guy who we saw in the PS5 breakdown video, has answered that question in a long-ranging interview with Japanese game outlet 4Gamer.

Otori has revealed that the reason for the PS5‘s huge footprint on the living room is two-fold, with one reason being that the design department requested that the console should “look thinner when placed horizontally” and the being cost.

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With the mandate that the PS5 should appear slimmer and leaner when stood up, Otoris says that influenced the console’s final design. Otori also explained that by having a larger console, the manufacturer was able to reduce the number of mounting boards inside the PS5, thus reducing the eventual cost to Sony, and to us, the customers.

“With two boards, the manufacturing cost and the difficulty of heat dissipation design increase. It means that the design requirement to make it look thinner when placed horizontally and the design requirement to reduce the cost with a single board are intertwined.”

Source: 4Gamer

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