Will Rustler Have Multiplayer? No – Here’s Why

Nobody wanted it, apparently.

Rustler is an upcoming open-world action game set in the times of knights and nobles. It’s basically GTA if Rockstar took the series back a few hundred years.

I was recently part of a hands-off preview for the game where I got to see Rustler on next-gen hardware – Xbox Series X, specifically. It looked like great fun and the GTA 2/GTA Chinatown Wars inspiration was clear, a little like American Fugitive, actually.

The original GTA games didn’t have multiplayer. In fact, it wasn’t until GTA San Andreas that the series had any kind of multiplayer – local co-op in the case San Andreas- and it wasn’t until GTA IV in 2008 that we had online functionality.

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Sadly, Rustler will not have any form of multiplayer. There will be no local split-screen multiplayer and there will be no online multiplayer. The reason? Players don’t want it, according to the game’s producer.

According to Jutsu Games, during early playtests, only 10% of players wanted some form of multiplayer in Rustler.

Because so few wanted it, Jutsu Games decided not to pursue the feature and to keep the game’s focus on a fun and action-packed single-player campaign.

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