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Win Tickets to Next Year’s Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race with TT Ride on the Edge 2020

The 2020 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy was canceled this year, but you have a chance to win tickets to next year’s event. There will be a virtual competition held to find and whittle down the best riders over three rounds of competition running from June 13th – June 25th. The winner will receive two tickets to 2021’s Tourist Trophy race.

There will be two events. The first will run from June 2nd to June 6th. This is for invitees only. They are longtime participants in TT races and players who will be participating in the local government’s “Lock-in program of entertainment.” Cool, but they open the doors to PC and PS4 players on June 13th. For four days, there is an open qualifier race on the Circuit of Ireland to find the top fifty players. From June 20th to 22nd, only ten players will survive the next round consisting of the Isle of Man track. On June 25th, that select group will run six laps on the Isle of Man track to see who wins the Senior TT.

It’s an interesting idea, and you can check out the full rules on the game’s Facebook page. (They were not posted when this article went live originally, but a message on the Facebook page said they will be soon.) If you want to start practicing, the sim racer TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 is 40% off on the PlayStation Store now.

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