Windlands 2 for PSVR Coming Summer 2021, Physical Edition Swings to Retail

The original Windlands game for PSVR was a fantastic game and the sequel is even better. PSVR players will soon be able to swing around in Windlands 2 when it releases later this summer.

Psytec Games, the developers behind Windlands and Windlands 2, have announced today that Windlands 2 will be releasing later this year on PSVR, playable on PS4 and PS5. The announcement also comes with the confirmation that Perp Games will be handling the game’s retail release, also due later this summer.

Windlands 2 has actually been out for almost three years on PCVR, and according to Steam’s user reviews, it has done very, very well. Of course it has, it’s the original game expanded in every way. You can play with your mates, kill the giant enemy titans with a bow and arrow, and look like a badass while doing it.

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“We are pleased to announce that we are working with PSVR specialist Perp Games to bring you the boxed version of Windlands 2. We know there is nothing quite like collecting boxed PSVR games, especially with PSVR 2 around the corner, and we can’t wait to get it into your hands.”

Since developing one of the first truly great PlayStation VR games, the team at Psytec Games have not sat on their laurels but continued to develop the fun and wonder of the Windlands Universe. By adding up to 4 player CO-OP and range weapons, they have created a game in Windlands 2 that will bring countless hours of joy to the VR gaming community,” said Rob Edwards, Managing Director at Perp Games.

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