Windlands Will Get PS4 Pro and PS Move Support in Next Patch

Windlands Will Get PS4 Pro and PS Move Support in Next Patch

We’re not sure how we feel about this one. On one hand, more support is generally met with enthusiasm by every here at Pure PlayStation. On the other hand, Windlands and PS Move could be the end of this writer.

See, in our Windlands PSVR review, it was noted that the fast-paced motion of swinging through the game’s world made your host for this article rather sick. And that was while seated with a DualShock 4. Now the developers have promised that the next patch for Windlands will incorporate the PS Move wands into the gameplay.

Along with the PS Move support, the next patch for Windlands will also add PS4 Pro support, though no features have been announced for the PS4 Pro mode. We imagine it’ll probably be a similar tale to other PSVR games with some improvements to overall image quality, though this game doesn’t really need it; it’s a very clear game on the base PS4.

The update for Windlands should go live soon, but according to the developer there have been a few stumbles in getting the patch ready. We’ll let you know of any updates as and when we learn more.

Would you brave playing Windlands with the PS Move controllers? Or was it stomach-turning enough with the DualShock 4? Swing low to leave a comment.

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