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Wipeout Omega Collection Beta Starts Today But it’s Invite Only

After we informed you earlier this week that Wipeout Omega Collection has gone gold, it has now come to public knowledge that it is having a beta that is starting today (May 4th…be with you. Sorry, couldn’t resist).

Unfortunately it’s invite-only.

According to the inter-web, which knows everything and anything, the lucky few have received their invitations, and will have 90 minutes on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to put the game through its paces. This limited time may be the reason that it hasn’t been made public.

The game in its entirety will be available for testing and extends to around 23GB. And according to Sony XDev Europe’s Twitter account, there will be a photo mode.

Wipeout Omega Collection launches on June 6th.

Were you a chosen one? Do you already have it on pre-order? Comment below. 

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