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WipEout Omega Collection PSVR Update is Out Now, Costs Nothing (Updated)

Well, there it is. Remember when we told you yesterday that the PSVR update for WipEout Omega Collection could be coming this week? Turns out it is. In fact, it’s out right now and you can go ahead and download the free update today.

The new update is completely free of charge, so if you own WipEout Omega Collection on PS4, all you need to do is initiate the download, let it install, and then get yourself strapped into your PSVR headset. If the download hasn’t appeared for you yet, go to your WipEout game tab, press the ‘options’ button and then go down to ‘check for update’ to get the latest update to download.

The WipEout PSVR update brings with it some new ships to race around in, as well as some new tunes. And what’s more is that this PSVR update is not just a tacked-on feature; you can play the entire game from start to finish all in VR mode. Sweet, no?

We’ve not yet had the chance to go hands-on with WipEout VR just yet, but we’ll get around to it today and will let you know how many buckets we’ve filled with vomit. Should be fun…

(Update: We’ve since had the chance to get the download ticking and it’s a big one. The WipEout PSVR update, version 1.04, is just over 5.4GB in size. It’s not a small one, then, so make sure you’ve got enough room on your hard drive.)

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