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Wipeout PS4 Remasters Rated in Australia Ahead of Release

Good news, Wipeout fans: the remastered Wipeout collection that’s coming to PS4, WipEout Omega Collection, has been rated by the Australian ratings authority.

Do you know what that means, dear readers? It means that there is a final – or close to – build of the game that has been played by somebody that isn’t wearing Sony branded socks. That means it’s almost ready to release. That means we’ll finally have a bloody Wipeout game on PS4. About bloody time, too, as Sony almost ruined two decades of tradition where we’ve had a Wipeout on every PlayStation console to date. Seriously, from the PS1 to the PS2, to the PSP, PS3 and PS Vita, there has been a new Wipeout release.

You had us panicked, Sony, but you’ve done alright this time. Just announce a cheeky VR mode that’ll have us vomiting¬†into our laps and we’ll forgive the four-year delay. Cheers.

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