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WipEout PSVR Patch Likely Coming This Week as Developer Drops Hints

Ever since Sony announced that WipEout Omega Collection on PS4 would be getting a PSVR update, players have been waiting patiently for any and all news. Unfortunately for us, Sony and the development team behind the VR update, Sony XDEV Europe, have not been too forthcoming with updates on the project.

We did get a hint not too long ago that the update would be coming very, very soon, but now we’ve got something a little more interesting. One of the developers behind the PSVR update has sent out a teasing tweet to his followers that says: “this week will be a very very good week……..”

Now, this could be referring to the release of the WipEout PSVR update. But on the other hand, maybe the guy is going on holiday to Amsterdam. Who knows. If the update is this week, we’ll know soon enough.

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