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WipEout PSVR Update is “Great” and We’ll See It “Very Shortly”

Ever since Sony announced that WipEout on PS4 would be getting a free PSVR patch, we’ve been waiting with eager ears for any and all updates. Unfortunately our ears have not been hearing too much about the VR update. Sony and the developers have been playing their cards very close to their chests with this one.

That being said, we do have something. It’s nothing substantial and there’s still no release date, but according to the developers working on WipEout’s VR update, Sony XDev, the game is “great” in VR and we’ll be able to see it for ourselves “very shortly”, whatever that means.

While there’s still no release date at the time of writing, it’s encouraging to see that the developers are speaking a little more publicly about the update and we should see it very soon. Our guess is that we’ll get an announcement in the next few weeks. Hopefully… In the mean time, we’ll be going bucket shopping. Because this VR game is definitely going to be making us very, very sick.

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