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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Free Trial Now Available

There are so many games you need to buy right now. In the next few days, games will be cheaper, but you still have to stretch a dollar until it squeals. Be strong. This is the burden we gamers must bear.

We think Wolfenstein II is one of the best games of the year (review), and it deserves your consideration. The PSN store makes your buying decision a little easier by giving you a free trial of this action and story packed (yes, really) shooter. If you like it, you can pick it up for 50% off during the Black Friday sale, and all your progress carries over to the full version.

The beginning of the game packs some thematically heavy content, but it has you killing Nazis in no time. Dual wielding has never been better, and you can run through more ammo in an hour than all three Matrix movies combined. Besides, what else are you doing today?

You can pick up the free trial here, and be sure to treat yourself to some new games in the next few days. You’re worth it.

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