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Wolfenstein II’s Soundtrack Free to Stream (For Now Anyway)

I thought Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was pretty good (review). While the game itself is not free, you can stream the soundtrack on YouTube right now. Nominated at the New York Game Awards for “Best Music in a Game” and nominated at the Dice awards for “Outstanding Achievement in Musical Composition”, Wolfenstein II’s soundtrack is coming to Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes on June 19th.

Composed by Mick Gordon of the amazing Doom soundtrack and Martin Stig Anderson of Limbo and Tomb Raider, it is a powerful two and a half hours of music. You can stream it here, and the images on the screen change based on the song or beat.

This could be a limited opportunity. If you want to hear the soundtrack for an evil empire being destroyed, give it a listen.

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Press Release from Bethesda Games

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